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Alright rockers, gather 'round, 'cause we got some RAD NEWS for ya! Your favourite rock band, RED, is coming to the big apple. Yeah, you heard it right - the RED-rocket is landing at Gramercy Theatre, New York on September 22, 2023! This is gonna be an absolute THRASHER of a night, full of heavy riffs, thunderous drums, and those gut-wrenching vocals that we all live for!

Lock the date, mark your calendars, and hold on to your brains. Each TICKET to this concert is like a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka of rock! These guys are gonna shred the stage with their gigantic tunes. This is not just a CONCERT - it's RED making a statement on their TOUR - the louder, the prouder.

Look forward to hits like "Already Over" and "Breathe Into Me" that we’ve been humming since FOREVER. Now, imagine your hair standing on end to those monstrous intros live, feel the heat of the crowd singing along, smell the stage smoke, see the blazing lights and the boys from RED giving it everything they’ve got!

There's NOTHING like a live gig, right? The electrifying energy as the house lights go down, the pre-show jitters... And when RED takes the stage, good LORD, it's gonna be like a nuclear explosion of rock awesomeness!

Their monstrous riffs, killer beats, scorching solos, and those powerful, heart-grabbing vocals - it's an experience you gotta FEEL to believe. So, hitch a ride, skate, run, fly or teleport - do whatever you gotta do to make sure you're front and center at Gramercy Theatre on September 22! TICKETS are selling like hot pancakes, so get 'em while they're sizzling! It's RED baby, and they're READY TO ROCK!

BOOM! Guess what, fam? That's right - Red is coming back to the Big Apple! Save the date for this ROCKSTAR vibe. September 22, 2023, is the date, the Gramercy Theatre is the spot you need to be. It's going to be a night of pure hardcore lit moments, and you definitely want a ticket to the wildest concert of the year.

Tour dates are out! New York is on the LIST, people, we're on the list! You didn't choose the punk rock life, it chose YOU. Now it's your turn to choose. Choose exhilaration. Choose sweat-soaked, heart-pumping, ear-blasting FUN. Choose to buy the ticket to the hottest concert of the year - Red's tour!

Their music is the dope meds we all need right now! It's an electrifying elixir, an adrenaline rush bottled up. Your heart pounding in sync with the sick beats. It. Is. PURE. MAGIC. Seriously, their live shows are fire with a capital F.

Let's talk about RED. Grammy-nominated, people! They bring the thunder every single time. Vocals that seep deep into your soul, beats that inhabit every bone of your body. Track after track of eargasmic pleasure. Straight out EPIC!

You've heard their tracks. But believe me, that's just an appetizer, the main course is the LIVE experience. Once you're there swaying with the crowd, losing yourself in the music - that's the essence of living, my dudes! The concert experience with RED is like a rollercoaster, you want to close your eyes, but you just can't. You don't want to miss a SECOND.

Journey with us to Gramercy Theatre - an iconic sanctuary of rock. Enshrined in history, shrouded in nostalgia. A place where legends drummed up timeless hits and rookies sparked off their shooting stars career. Gramercy Theatre is the beating heart of the city - a true artist's paradise. Unrivaled acoustics, an intimate ambiance - this place has got it ALL.

Gramercy Theatre is not just a venue, it's an EXPERIENCE, it's a piece of the grand legacy, enshrined in rock 'n' roll history. New York's finest that offers an intimate, high-energy punk rock experience like no other. It's the holy grail of the concert scene.

The countdown starts NOW, set your reminders. New York City, get ready for a night of top-notch, ear-smashing, heart-throbbing action. Get your jam on, snag your ticket before the clock hits zero. Let's blaze the night away, freak flags flying high, united under the holy grail of punk rock. See you at the concert!

So, are you in or are you in? Let's do this! Hit that BUY button NOW. Together, let's make it a night to remember. Don't miss out, this is YOUR moment. Claim it, live it, love it. BUY. THAT. TICKET. Your soul will thank you.

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