ZZ Ward at Gramercy Theatre

ZZ Ward Tickets

Gramercy Theatre | New York City, New York

Strap in, NYC, 'cause ZZ WARD is comin' town! You know, the artist who's SNATCHED THE THROATS of the game with their RIDICULOUSLY FIRE beats and epic rocking voice? Yup! They're headed straight to the Gramercy Theatre on September 9th!

This is the surefire show to quench any live concert HEADBANGERS' THIRST, 'cause being front row at a ZZ Ward show is UNREAL! You'll be vibing nonstop to each hit banger from their back catalog, as well as any WHOLLY NEW jams they're ready to bless the world with. Plus, this might be a once-in-a-LIFETIME chance to peep a live show on their HUGE 2021 OVERALL World Tour!

So make sure you secure those tickets STAT, or else you might miss out. Plus, this is gonna be a LEGENDARYOG event with some OF THE HOTTEST acts around, so jump on the ZZ Ward hype train now! From crazy hits like "Put The Gun Down" to new album "This Means War'', this tour is gonna showcase the TRUE POWER OF SOUND! Simply put, it's just too good to miss!

So don't sleep on it – the ZZ WARD tickets are on sale now! Get ready to witness one of the hottest live experiences of the year and be sure to ROCK OUT while jamming to every beat. Trust us – it's gonna be an INCREDIBLE EVENT beyond your wildest dreams. BRACE FOR IMPACT, and join us on September 9th at the Gramercy Theatre!

ZZ Ward at Gramercy Theatre

Pop shows are so sought after today, fans can choose from a range of acts, but ZZ Ward is absolutely one of the finest in the genre. There are so many famous tracks, and ZZ Ward is all over the place right now, social media, television, on youtube and don't forget the good old radio! This fall, 2023 tour of the states is more exciting than ever, we bet you cant imagine the vibes, it's going to be an unmatched feeling….the screaming crowd, those bright lights and pure entertainment happening right before your eyes! You and your friends NEED to be there on this Saturday night in September, you'll regret it if you don't! We almost forgot…the stadium that the unsurpassed ZZ Ward is going to play at is the stunning Gramercy Theatre, New York, New York on Saturday 9th September 2023. Tickets are being snapped up so its recommended that you get some access as soon as you can to avoid disappointment! You can do so from this page, scroll up to the 'get tickets' button, follow it immediately to bag yours!

ZZ Ward at Gramercy Theatre

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