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Gramercy Theatre

HEY! Yo, my hip hop heads! The unstoppable, unbeatable RZA is bringin' that Wu-Tang CLANG to the Gramercy Theatre in New York City on November 9, 2023! This ain’t no hoax, folks, this concert is gonna be DOPE, and you won’t wanna miss this old school tour. Dust off that throwback garb and score them tickets now!

This ain’t your average concert, it’s a journey, a blast from the past that'll whisk you back to a world where hip hop had raw, gritty soul. Ya feel me? RZA, the GRANDMASTER himself, droppin' beat bombs on 'ya live! Expect to be drowned in an ocean of nostalgia as he throws it back to those good ol' days. Can you even imagine grooving to “Liquid Swords” or "C.R.E.A.M" LIVE? Unreal!

RZA ain’t a mere performer, he’s a poet, a hunter in the night searching for the perfect rhythm. He'll have you HOOKED with beats deeper than the Mariana trench, rhymes sharper than a cutthroat razor. That's the beauty of a live show, ain't nothing like that raw energy, that pounding bass that gets your heart THUMPIN’ with the rhythm!

Don’t let this CONCERT of a lifetime pass you by. Grab your ticket NOW before they vanish! This is more than just a tour, it’s a journey back to the GOLDEN AGE of Hip Hop. So, are you down to ROLL with us? Remember, ain't nothin' to f**k with a WU! 2023, we're coming, prepare for THE INVASION!

Ayo, don't stash your wallets yet! Dig this: The RZA, the LORD of the mic, the KING of the beats is invading Manhattan! Yeah, you heard it right! The head honcho of the Wu-Tang Clan, the Magna Carta of hip-hop, is bouncing to the Gramercy Theatre, NY on November 9, 2023. Ain't nothin’ to mess with, ya dig? "Thunderous beats and esoteric lyrics"; BYOB, bring your own beatbox!

This concert is going to be OFF THE HOOK! Liquid Sword-sharp rhymes slicing through the air, mingling with the bass heavy backbone of the beats – it’s a one-way ticket to hip-hop NIRVANA. This ain’t no everyday tour - buckle up for a sonic BOOM!

RZA’s concerts? Pshhh, it’s like watching a supernova explode RIGHT in front of you. Anyone who’s witnessed the grandmaster throw down LIVE knows what’s up. Anytime this rhymeslinger gears up, it's a straight-up KNIGHTHOOD of wordsmithery. Plus, let's not forget when RZA picked up that high-profile BMI Film Music Award. Got MAD respect on the street, man!

So, come out and be part of the LEGEND! No replays, no reruns, just uncut, raw ENERGY. This is your golden TICKET to a night of LIVE raw inspiration, straight from the beast's mouth. Untamed verses, born and bred on the rugged streets of Shaolin (Staten Island for the uninitiated).

Now, let’s rap about the venue - the Gramercy Theatre, beloved old lady of the New York scene. She’s seen a lot of big hitters in her time, no doubt. This cornerstone of NY culture is the PERFECT spot for the RZA to spit fire. The intimate space, legendary acoustics, make the Gramercy the GOAT, man! An atmosphere that’s thrilling, palpable, you can taste the excitement in the AIR. Add to that kick-ass staff, and a wicked line of craft beers and you’ve got yourself a night to REMEMBER.

So, peeps... you reckon you’re ready for the RZA experience? Prepared for enough word-WIZARDRY and rhythm to make your heads spin? Bag those tickets NOW, don’t sleep on this! Skip the FOMO, catch the DOPEST show this fall. Cop your tickets before they’re ghost – you know they won’t hang around! The RZA at the Gramercy theatre, November 9 – BE THERE or BE SQUARE!

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