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Get READY for the epic! Pillows and Beer concert is hitting the Gramercy Theatre, NY, on January 14, 2024. It's gonna be a NIGHT to remember, dude! Their high energy rock and hypnotic beats are sure to pulsate through the crowd like an electric SHOCK. Remember “Pillow talk in Paradise” or “Ale of dreams”? Imagine those live right in front of you, shaking the rafters. Experience their greatest hits SEARING through the air, the crowd going WILD around you. It's more than music, it's a vibe, it's a feeling.

And guess what? You have a chance to be there, amidst it all, absorbing the high voltage performance. Waiting won’t do you any good, tickets are selling FAST! Join us, plug into the energy, feel the BEAT, LIVE the music. Don't just hear about it, BE there! Grab your tickets NOW before they’re all gone. Let’s ROCK the night away!

What's better than sinking into a soft pillow with an ice-cold beer in one hand and exhilarating live music rocking your world? Well, imagine the sensation intensified to epic proportions and you've got a taste of what awaits you at the Pillows and Beer concert in the legendary Gramercy Theatre. On January 14th, 2024, the pulse of New York City will reverberate to the rhythm of greatness, illuminated by the musical phenomenon that is Pillows and Beer. Expect a tsunami of sound waves harvesting heartfelt lyrics intertwined with extensive jams, all delivering a superbly eclectic mix of musicality that promises to be an intoxicating brew of unforgettable live music!

About Pillows and Beer

Pillows and Beer aren't just a band, they're an experience! Known for their energetic live performances and their unpredictably soulful repertoire, they've reinvented the very idea of genre. This isn't your grandma's jam band! Over the last decade, they've been crafting a unique blend of rock, pop, blues, and even a pinch of jazz, which has earned them a dedicated fan base and also a bunch of shiny awards decorating their mantle.

When the spotlight hits them, the electrifying surge of energy they produce is more refreshing than the crisp necessity of an icy cold brew! The magnetic connection they establish with their audience during live shows is something that fans and music critics alike rave about. Forget 5-star reviews, we're talking heart-and-soul, never-look-back, tell-your-grandkids kind of love for this band!

Gramercy Theatre Information

There is no better home for such an epic show than the Gramercy Theatre. Conveniently located in the heart of the vibrant New York City, this venue is legendary in its own right. Its beautiful architecture takes you back in time, providing an atmosphere ripe with a sense of nostalgia. The Gramercy Theatre has a cherished reputation for hosting fabulous live music events, making it a noteworthy landmark for concert-goers.

Not only does this venue have killer acoustics that perfectly carry every musical note, but it also offers a multitude of amenities for a comfortable concert experience. So, don’t forget to pop by their bar to wet your whistle before the show starts!

Ticket Information

Tickets are available at the Gramercy Theatre box office, but savvy fans know there's a friendlier place with tickets 100% guaranteed –- Ticket Squeeze. If you're after lower prices and even lower fees, you can't beat these guys. This is real value for the money, allowing you to save your pennies for putting towards another beer…or two... at the concert!

Don't sleep on this one, guys - tickets are selling like hotcakes. If you wait to smell the pillow, you'll wake up to an empty beer bottle.
But keep in mind that sometimes the best memories are the ones you didn't plan, and what could be more exciting than a spontaneous night of fabulous music?

So grab your tickets now, throw your expectations out the window, and let Pillows and Beer surprise you for an unforgettable night of music, beer, and comfy pillows galore! Hurry, because trust me, you do not wanna miss this night of a lifetime with Pillows and Beer!

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