Abhishek Upmanyu at Gramercy Theatre

Abhishek Upmanyu Tickets

Gramercy Theatre | New York, New York

Abhishek Upmanyu

Hey comedy lovers! Get ready to double over in LAUGHTER as Abhishek Upmanyu hits New York City's one and only Gramercy Theatre! On April 28, 2024, we're about to get hit with those sharp, rapid-fire JOKES that only Upmanyu can deliver.

The man. The myth. The comedy whiz! He's rocked stages across the globe, and now, it's our turn. Picture it: neon lights, the infectious energy of fellow fans, the instant when the theatre quiets down... and then - BAM! Joke after joke, you’re rolling down a laughter hill with no brakes!

From "Thoda Saaf Bol" to his latest rib-cracking specials, Upmanyu's got stories that'll make your cheeks HURT so good. And live? It's a whole new level of HILARIOUS.

You've liked the clips, you've shared the memes, now be there when he drops the punchline live. Take it from me, it's an EXPERIENCE you don't want to miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Seats are going quicker than his quips! Grab your TICKETS now and join the laughter fest. Trust me, you won’t regret it! #UpmanyuInNYC 🎤🗽😂

We are sure you have heard the saying "Laughter is an instant vacation"? Well that is what Abhishek Upmanyu is known for. Leave your troubles and irritations at the door. There is no better way to de-stress than by lapping up a belly-full of laughs by Abhishek Upmanyu. The Gramercy Theatre has seen many comedic geniuses throughout the years and its excited to host a evening filled with witty observations and edgy punchlines - Abhishek Upmanyu will have you rolling in the aisles in hysterics. Early ticket purchases also come with a special extra smile. So secure your tickets asap!

Abhishek Upmanyu at Gramercy Theatre

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