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Yacht Lobsters

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Alright, y'all listen UP! The Yacht Lobsters are set to bring down the HOUSE in The Big Apple! They're stormin' through on their globe-trottin' tour, and are rocking the heck outta Gramercy Theatre on December 16, 2023! Gear up, music fanatics. This ain’t one to miss!

These cool cats have been touring the globe, creating waves with their gnarly tunes and off-the-chain performances. They’ve got the rhythm. They. Got. THE. BEATS! The kind that make you wanna jump right onto that DANCE FLOOR!

If YACHT ROCK is your jam, then snag those TICKETS, pronto! The burning on-stage energy of this Concert is just what our souls need in these dark winter days. You won’t find a higher-octane, more passionate touring band in the music biz right now, I swear on my vinyl collection.

Wondering what to expect? An incredible evening filled with their greatest hits, plus a couple of new vibes. We dare ya not to sing along to "Harbor Lights" and "Sail On, Mystery Lover"! Brace yourselves for their explosive hit, "Deck Dancing"! It's gonna be a wild ride, ya dig?

Don’t be the one left in the cold while the rest of us get our groove on. Book those tickets and join the sea of fans basking in the glory of a live Yacht Lobsters show. It's gonna be LEGEN...wait for it... DARY! See y'all there, Lobster-maniacs!

Brace yourselves, music-doobies! This is NOT a test! THIS. IS. EPIC! The Yacht Lobsters, yes, you heard it right, THE Yacht Lobsters will be spreading their magical vibes LIVE in concert at THE Gramercy Theatre in the epicenter of spirit and rhythm, New York, New York! Block your calendars for this MASSIVE event on December 16, 2023!

Forget what you know about concerts! This tour is going to be a jam-fest of a lifetime! If you are a music junkie, this concert's got the juju to make you swoon! You've pumped your fists to their tracks, now's the chance to do it LIVE! Remember, being at the concert isn't just about watching a show, no sir! It's about LIVING the music! EXPERIENCING it! FEELING IT IN YOUR SOUL!

Our Yachties, aren't just any run-of-the mill-band, mate! They’re the four-time billboard chart-topping monsters of the melody! From synth-pop to yacht rock - these guys are the real deal! Their energy, UNMATCHED! Their flair, FIRE! Their melodies are going to hit you like ocean waves under a moonlit night. Sweet, sweet, sorrow.

Concert-goers, let me tell you. When the Yacht Lobsters take that stage, the energy ain't going to be just HIGH, it's going be SKIPPING-ON-CLOUD-NINE high! And boy, isn’t this the place to be! The Gramercy Theatre! Where the ambience isn't just cool, it's FROSTY! C'mon, the echo of the Beatles, the Stones, Nirvana, and hundreds of music-gods still lingers around!

This is where history is made, where music gets its wings! Comfy seats, rad acoustics, the perfect combo of classic and mod! A place where every note hits home run, straight to the heart! Hard-core fans, first-time concert-goers, every single soul will feel like home!

People, it's NOW or NEVER! This is your moment, your front-row pass to history in the making! Get your ticket before they're sold out! Be part of this legendary, life-changing gig! Don't be that guy who missed the Yacht Lobsters rocking the Gramercy Theatre in New York, New York, and later says, "Maaaaan, I should've been there!"

Go to www.yachtlobstersgramercy.com, grab your tickets NOW! Don’t just sit there! Let’s set the world on FIRE! Join the rhythm revolution, be there, and LIVE THE MUSIC!

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