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Hey metalheads! You ready for a VIKING INVASION at the Gramercy Theatre? Well, brace yourselves, because on March 29, 2024, the Faroese powerhouse TÝR is hitting New York City, ready to tear the roof off!

This is no ordinary gig. It's where myth meets metal. Sink into their EPIC sagas and thundering riffs LIVE. The energy? ELECTRIC. The anthems? UPLIFTING. Imagine roaring along to 'Hold the Heathen Hammer High' with a sea of fists in the air!

TÝR's mastery of melody and folklore is unmatched. Their live show is both an auditory and visual FEAST, a journey through Viking history packed with their greatest HITS. Feel the ground SHAKE. Bang your head to the battle hymns!

Don't miss the chance to witness 'By the Sword in my Hand' and 'Blood of Heroes' as they echo through the hallowed halls of Gramercy. It's more than a concert; it's a NIGHT to remember—a saga you'll tell for years.

Tickets are on the horizon—grab yours NOW! Unleash your inner warrior. Let’s make this a night of METAL glory. Skål! 🤘

### Concert Summary

Hey metalheads, guess what's thundering towards New York City with the force of a thousand warhammers? None other than the Faroese Viking metal titans, Týr, who will be invading Gramercy Theatre on March 29, 2024! Prepare yourselves for an epic night where Valhalla meets Manhattan.

At this concert, you can expect not just the run-of-the-mill headbanging and mosh pits, but a whole Norse saga unfolding right before thine eyes. Týr brings with them a hailstorm of heavy riffs, enchanting melodies that sound like they’ve been forged in the fires of Asgard, and drumbeats that could rally Odin’s own Einherjar. If you've got a penchant for tales of ancient battles, mythic gods and the valor of Viking warriors, then you’re in for one hel of a treat! Plus, the camaraderie among fans at these shows – it’s like finding your long-lost shield-mates.

### About Týr

Now, for those who ain’t familiar with Týr, let me tell ya – these folks are the real deal! They've pounded their way through the metal scene with their war-axes held high, churning out heart-pumping anthems that make you feel like you're sailing through the mists on a dragon-headed longship. They've got a slew of albums tucked under their sturdy leather belts, with lyrical prowess that would make the skalds of yore beam with pride.

Their live show? Pure spectacle. There's an authenticity to their performance; you can tell they bleed their Norse heritage. Heri Joensen's commanding vocals would make the gods turn their ears Earthward, while the band's level of precision and energy is just... it's freakin' mythic! If you're lucky, they might even play some tracks off their latest album, which let me tell you, are pure fire – and I do mean the kind that burned down Yggdrasil.

### Gramercy Theatre Information

Steeped in history, Gramercy Theatre is a gem nestled in the heart of the Big Apple. This cherished venue might seem modest, but it's got a reputation as mighty as Thor’s own Mjölnir when it comes to live shows. With its intimate setting, stellar acoustics, and not a single bad seat to be had, you’ll be certain that you’re part of the Valhalla chorus.

Transport-wise, getting to this mythical battlefield is a breeze, whether you’re commandeering a steed (uh, taking a cab), riding the iron chariot (the subway), or simply marching on foot. And with plenty of taverns nearby, you can feast before you raid (by which I mean rock out like it’s 793 AD).

### Ticket Information

Looking for tickets? Yea, the Gramercy box office might have what you need, but if you’re looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow, head on over to Ticket Squeeze. They’ve got the lowdown on low prices and fees that won't require you to pillage a village to afford. Seriously, you’d have more trouble looting a monastery than snagging a deal with these guys.

If you’ve ever dreamt of slamming mead with Viking chieftains or just losing your voice screaming along to your favorite metal anthems, then you’d better grab your tickets fast. Týr's reputation for selling out faster than you can say "Freyja's cats" is well earned.

Don't wait until Ragnarok to decide – join the raid and secure your passage to the great hall of Gramercy! Týr's army awaits. March 29 isn't too far away on the horizon – may the Norns be in your favor, and I'll see you there, shield-wall ready!

Strike now, warriors! Head to Ticket Squeeze and claim your rightful place amongst the einherjar of the night!

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