Two Hot Takes Live at Gramercy Theatre

Two Hot Takes Live Tickets

Gramercy Theatre | New York, New York

Two Hot Takes Live

Hey music lovers! Get ready to be swept off your feet. The beat is about to drop HARD at Gramercy Theatre, as Two Hot Takes takes the stage for a live gig that PROMISES to be unforgettable. On May 17, 2024, join the electrifying vibe and catch the beats live in the heart of New York City!

This isn't just any night; experience the magic of Two Hot Takes in a setting that's intimate and electric. You'll vibe, sway, and dance. The SETLIST? Stacked with anthems you ADORE. Imagine the bass dropping on “Firestorm Heart,” the crowd jumping to the rhythm of “Melody in Madness” and the raw emotion as they belt out “Echoes Fade.” Chills, right?

Their greatest hits will LIGHT UP the room, and their new tracks... Wait till you feel that energy! It's more than a concert; it's a CONNECTION, the thump of your pulse matching the drumbeat, the soul in the lyrics meeting yours.

Ready to feel every note, every beat? Then ACT NOW! Tickets are up for grabs, and they aren't waiting. Grab yours and be part of the phenomenon – this is YOUR moment to shine with Two Hot Takes. See you there!

Performed live in front of a crowded audience, this show, pre-recorded just for you, of Two Hot Takes Live was recorded in New York in New York and was one of their best shows ever. Now you too can watch it from the comfort of your own home, with no extortionate prices for drinks or snacks either, and you can have your favourite drinks and snacks without having to pander to venue exclusive deals! Enjoy your better than front row seat in perfect quality as the cameras zoom you onto the stage, you will feel like you are standing right up there with your favourite performer looking back at the crowd, feel like you are part of the action! See the joy and fear, feel the very tears on the faces of the performers! Never worry about being stuck at the back, unable to see anything, never miss a moment of the action, never think that the crowd next to you is too loud to hear the performance, and, get to pause the action to go to the bar with no que! What are you waiting for? Get your tickets right now!

Two Hot Takes Live at Gramercy Theatre

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