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Going to a concert really is a wonderful way to let your hair down and when you hear your most treasured artist, is back touring America for fall, 2023 you have every reason to be ecstatic! You'll be even happier when you see This Wild Life will be at your perfect venue this November, the awe-inspiring Gramercy Theatre in New York, New York! make 100% sure you put Saturday 25th November 2023 in the calendar as this ones going to be a smash hit! Is this going to be the biggest night of your year? to gain access all you have to do is click the buy link right away

Hold onto your hats, music lovers, 'cause THIS WILD LIFE is coming to town, and guess what? They're playing the GRAMERCY THEATRE, no less! Save the date, people – November 25, 2023! Cue the confetti, and bring out your air guitars, 'cause this isn't a gig to miss! These guys are Touring with a capital T, and the Big City is hollerin' your name!

Imagine being there, listening to the strumming, the raw voice of Kevin Jordan belting their epic tracks LIVE. It’s a trip! Experiencing their profoundly emotional songs, the goosebumps, the wild energy. No stream, no record, not even your favorite headphones can compete! It’s THIS WILD LIFE, man. This ain’t no ordinary concert.

Let’s transport back to the year 2014, shall we? When our boys were nominated for Best New Artist at the Alternative Press Music Awards? A ground-shaking moment. Or how about when they won hearts at the Vans Warped Tour? Legendary. This tour is gonna be electric. No, wait, nuclear!

Wake up, music lovers! This is the real deal.

Now, let’s talk about Gramercy Theatre for a hot sec. Steeped in music history, this place is a vibin' cocoon where rockstars are born and legends strut their stuff. Tucked away in the heart of New York, this theatre has seen it all. Famous for its close-ups and intimate vibe, it’s the perfect spot for a band like THIS WILD LIFE. Vintage and modern, it's a music-lover's dream come true.

Folks! This place is no ho-hum venue. Gramercy Theatre echoes legends. Iconic shows have rolled out here, hyped crowds have gathered, and unforgettable nights have gone down. You can practically taste the legacy!

So mark your calendars, rally your crew, it's about to get LOUD! It’s a blaring call to all fans! Come watch the stage light up with the raw energy of THIS WILD LIFE.

It’s time, people. TICKETS are up for the grabbin'. Don't sit on this, don't snooze! Unpredictable, raw, intense, this TOUR is gonna be explosive. Be fuel to the fire, part of the wild ride, witness the magic! Buy the ticket, take a deep breath, and dive into this magnificent experience of THIS WILD LIFE concert.

Cause, let's face it, this ain't just a ticket. It's an invitation to an EPIC night. Now go get yours!

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