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Alright, my ghoulies and ghosties, buckle up and get ready because THE concert event of the year is about to HAUNT your world. This Paranormal Life is floating into the Big Apple for an unmissable concert at the iconic Gramercy Theatre on October 15, 2023! I'm talking full-out VIBES, fam...we're here to talk about the strange and the unusual...LIVE.

Get ready to summon your spooky spirits 'cause our fave para-experts are tour-ing the states, scaring up the stage with their MIND-BLOWING paranormal adventures. This ain't no boring lecture, folks, we're talking lively and riveting story-telling that'll make you question EVERYTHING. These tales are almost too wild to believe; they're bona fide hair-raisers!

Tickets are getting snapped up QUICK so you gotta act. Slip into the spectral groove of the night, while they spill the tea on the greatest mysteries EVER. It's your chance to experience history's most peculiar stories-up close and personal, not behind a trite gadget screen.

They'll be sharing their greatest HITS, the most twisted tales and spine-chilling hauntings that literally SHOOK the internet. Expect the unexpected; it's going to be a thrill-a-minute, chilling experience that will have you second-guessing every creak in your house for weeks to COME.

So, gather your crew, don't just ghost on this! It’s going to be LIT-erally the most unforgettable tour you’ll ever see. This evening promises to be more than a concert; it's a CHANCE to journey into the unknown. This Paranormal Life at Gramercy Theatre...BE THERE if you dare!

ALERT! All ghost hunters, truth seekers and fans of the wild, weird and wonderful in the Big Apple; mark your calendars NOW! The legendary This Paranormal Life podcast concert tour is making a HALLOWEEN-SEASON stop at the iconic Gramercy Theatre in New York, New York, on October 15, 2023. That's right, ghouls and guys – the most FREAKY-SPECTACULAR gig of this universe is landing within our city lines!

Get ready to delve into the deliciously strange. Brace yourselves to witness the mystical phenomena and blood-curdling tales of the paranormal skillfully narrated and spookily enhanced with live music. Psyched for some hair-raising, chill-inducing good time? Then this concert is YOUR JAM!

An experience? Nay, a PHENOMENON! This concert will make you giggle, gasp, and stagger in shock - all at the same time. You'll leave the concert with an anecdote that'll make everyone green with envy; it's a GUARANTEED conversation starter. Snap those tickets up quick - blink and they're gone. Time's ticking, pals!

This Paranormal Life - they ain't your regular cat. A podcast that's won the bloody hearts of thousands worldwide with their outrageous tales, wacky sense of humors and spine tingling sound compositions. Triumphantly touching every nerve, they've become a cult among the alternative, indie, and supernatural circles. No wonder their concert tour is the most anticipated event this year!

Gramercy Theatre. Oh, let's talk about THAT! Nestled in the bosom of the city that never sleeps, this historic venue is offering a seriously iconic platform for this eargasmic event. With a reputation as sterling as the Gramercy, you know the acoustics are going to be killer. Its intimate setting brings you spine-tinglingly close to the action; feel the blood ripple under your skin as every note hits home. As for all you skeptics, this place also boasts a state-of-the-art bar – all the better to nurse a cold one as you recoil from the mind-blowing weirdness.

So, are you game? Then don't just sit there, GO GET YOUR TICKETS before the spirit leaves the building! Join us at the historic Gramercy Theatre for a spectacularly spooky night of truth, scares, and belly laughs.

Hurry up, the clock's ticking. Grab your tickets TODAY. Let's revel in the bizarre, together at the final frontier, called This Paranormal Life Concert. Be there or be square, because THIS IS THE TOUR you don't want to miss on October 15, 2023. An Unearthly Spectacle awaits YOU!

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