The Benson Movie Interruption at Gramercy Theatre

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The Benson Movie Interruption at



The Benson Movie Interruption

Gramercy Theatre

Hey, folks! blaze a trail to the epically radical Benson Movie Interruption concert. It's all going down at the iconic Gramercy Theatre in the heart of New York, New York, on November 26, 2023. TICKETS are flying out the wazoo - so snag yours. This ain't your mom's concert; it's a TOUR de force of entertainment melding dope comedy, quintessential movie interruptions, and plenty of surprises for a BOOMING good time.

Be prepared for a far-out journey filled with the sounds of classic tunes, rapid-fire jesting, and all the nostalgia you can handle. Nothing compares to the feeling of being in the middle of the action, totally immersed in the hullabaloo of a live show. It’s ALIVE, real, and totally unforgettable.

Don't be a couch potato. This is the kind of trip that beats the heck outta your tinny home speakers. You gotta hear it to believe it. Feel every joke, every note, and every nonsensical interruption reverberating in your bones.

Rewind to Benson's greatest hits, pun intended. Remember when he interrupted "The Room"? Set for a rewind, it's gonna be hella amusing. Let's CONCERT late into the night, laughing, cheering, and basking in the prime ambiance.

Time to take a magic carpet ride, Gen Xers. Seize the day, carpe diem, and all that jazz. Let's roll to take in the good vibes and the legendary Benson Movie Interruption concert. We'll see you there, rocking the casbah, and making memories that'll last a Gen X lifetime. Best. Night. EVER.

Get ready to ROAR, NYC! The legend himself, Doug Benson, is bringing the MOVIE INTERRUPTION phenomenon 'On Tour' to our very own Gramercy Theatre! Can you dig it?!

Lights! Camera! ACTION! This November 26, 2023, is all about scoring your ticket to laughter and pure joy! This multi-seasoned comedian is interrupting your routine with heart-pounding, gut-busting comedy, nested right in the hubbub of a classic movie. Mind you, this ain't any ordinary 'Concert'. This is a straightforward invitation for you to join Doug on this one-of-a-kind ride.

The thrill is the deal, folks! Imagine soaking in the flickering lights as your favorite film gets paused for a joke so sharp, it cuts through the theater like a T-REX on a rampage! BOOM - laughter explosion! Each interjection, each pause, each laugh-it-off moment is right off the cuff. It's FRESH and UNPREDICTABLE, baby!

The Benson Movie Interruption experience won't just be etched into your memories; it'll be scribbled, spray-painted, and stamped onto your hearts! Ain't that right?! This comedic maestro, whose golden jokes have snagged awards galore, will spread laughter so contagious, even the popcorn are gonna start crackling. Yeah, it's THAT hot!

The Gramercy Theatre, our delightful venue for this laughter riot, is nothing short than a legend's playground! In the heart of New York, it has earned its bragging rights with an enviable line-up of the finest artists gracing its stage. It's not just posh, folks! This vintage beauty expertly marries its century-old charisma with modern amenities – it's a tribute, a celebration of art in all its radiant glory. And guess what? Doug is about to turn this historic stage into a comedy battlefield!

One night with Doug, filled with rolling laughs, pop culture references, and that feisty theatrical magic, and you'll be left wanting more. For all the NY movie buffs and comedy connoisseurs, this is your chance to taste comedy GOLD! Get SET – the countdown has already begun.

So don't just sit there, buddy! Time's a tickin', and the tickets are flyin' faster than light! This ain't the time for "maybe laters". This is the time for NOWs! This November, this Theatre, this CONCERT – it's history in making! Grab your ticket, hop onto the joy ride, and buckle up – 'cause you're about to witness a laughter avalanche like NEVER before! Buy your tickets good folks, 'cause you've got a date with DOUG!

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