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Hey music lovers,

Get READY to ride the wave of melodies with Stephen Day at the Gramercy Theatre! This one-night-only indie magic drops on April 29, 2024, in the heart of New York - the city that NEVER sleeps!

Feel every heartbeat in “Twenty Two and Some Change." Sway to the anthems that marked a generation, like “If You Were the Rain” - live, raw, and UNFILTERED! You've streamed the tunes, now immerse yourself in Stephen's soulful serenades and electric energy in a venue that's as intimate as his lyrics.

With the strum of his guitar and that velvet voice, you're not just at a concert, you're part of a moment, a memory inked in your MIND and etched in your heart. It’s not just a show; it’s Stephen Day unwrapped and unplugged, echoing through the iconic walls of the Gramercy Theatre.

Tickets? They're the golden passes to your next musical high. And they're waiting for YOU.

So mark your calendar, and hit up the link. Because Stephen Day LIVE is where you need to be.

Tickets. Get 'em. Live the night.

Before you click away from this page, think about all the great perks you will miss out on if you don’t secure your tickets to see the upcoming show at the world famous Gramercy Theatre. Not only does this concert hall offer their visitors top-quality sound and lighting engineering to keep them close to the action, they also deliver some of the best seating on either side of the country. The welcoming decor is designed to make you feel like an honored guest from the moment you enter the front door while the friendly event staff will help you during any part of your visit. Let’s not forget that the Gramercy Theatre is conveniently located near some of the best dining options in New York, New York making it the perfect place for a night out on the town. Get your tickets today!

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