Sporkful Live: Anything’s Pastable with Dan Pashman and Claire Saffitz at Gramercy Theatre

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Sporkful Live: Anything’s Pastable with Dan Pashman and Claire Saffitz

Gramercy Theatre

Calling all food fanatics and podcast enthusiasts! Spork in hand and hearts hungry for humor and hearty dialogue, prepare to feast on a delightful evening at the Gramercy Theatre. On the menu for Monday, 18th March 2024, is the utterly appetizing "Sporkful Live: Anything's Pastable," starring the culinary whiz Dan Pashman and the sweet sensation Claire Saffitz. This New York, New York soirée promises to twirl your thoughts on food into delicious revelations.

Priced from a mere $47—a steal for the seasoned palate—this live show serves you the perfect blend of witty banter and sage advice, sautéed in live audience Q&As, ensuring every attendee leaves with their cravings for knowledge and laughter satiated.

Don't let this be the one that got away; secure your seat before it's a full house and you're left outside with nothing but your hunger. Dive into a world where every morsel of conversation is as tantalizing as the last; your ticket to this feast of the senses is just a click away. Bon appétit, your culinary caper awaits!

Show Summary

experience: a whirlwind night where culinary arts and comedic wit swirl together like pasta twirling on a fork. That's what you’re in for at “Sporkful Live: Anything's Pastable” with the spectacular Dan Pashman and the remarkable Claire Saffitz gracing the Gramercy Theatre stage. Stir in a dash of anticipation, a sprinkle of laughter, and a heaping cup of enlightenment – that’s the recipe for an exceptional evening. Feel the buzz in the air as food enthusiasts, podcast aficionados, and those with a penchant for hilarity congregate under the roof of this iconic New York City venue on a balmy Monday night.

About Sporkful Live: Anything's Pastable with Dan Pashman and Claire Saffitz

Imagine a simmering pot of your favorite pasta dish – that's the essence of what Sporkful Live serves up, but with a garnish of humor and flourish of thoughtful conversation. Dan Pashman, the culinary mastermind behind the award-winning podcast "The Sporkful," and Claire Saffitz, a pastry chef and YouTube sensation known for her alchemical baking prowess, team up to take you on a gastronomic journey. Attendees get more than just a taste as they dive into the philosophy behind comfort food, the art of eating, and the science that makes it all so deliciously irresistible.

Gramercy Theatre Information

Step into the Gramercy Theatre, and you’ll be enveloped in an ambiance that whispers tales of a century's worth of performances. This classic New York City establishment, with its ornate decor and plush seats, has been the launching pad for a variety of other events that have left their mark on the Big Apple’s cultural landscape. Known for its exceptional acoustics and intimate setting, the Gramercy Theatre promises every patron not just a show but an experience. Should you seek specifics regarding accessibility or any other queries, the theatre’s information is just a click away for those hungering for details.

Ticket Information

Seize the moment! Secure your slice of this palatable event with tickets starting from $47. To ensure your seat at the table, engage with the ‘buy tickets’ button and let Ticket Squeeze provide you with a safe, foolproof way to grab your pass to "Anything's Pastable." Whether you're a long-time listener or a fresh foodie, this night promises to be a feast for your senses. Don't just stand on the sidelines, watching the water boil. Plunge into the pot and let yourself be a part of the magic that only a night like this can cook up.

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