Son of A Boy Dad Podcast [CANCELLED] at Gramercy Theatre

Gramercy Theatre, New York, New York



Son of A Boy Dad Podcast [CANCELLED] at



Son of A Boy Dad Podcast [CANCELLED]

Gramercy Theatre

Yo! What's good fam? Brace yourselves 'cause something SUPER LIT is going down in the Big Apple. The Son of A Boy Dad Podcast is throwing a concert you won’t wanna miss! This ain’t just your usual audio experience, folks - we're talking a live TOUR, dialed up to eleven.

Straight off your headphones and onto the stage at the iconic Gramercy Theatre in New York, New York, on November 10, 2023. Grab those tickets like hotcakes - because these fellas know how to turn the heat up!

We're talking crowd interaction, killer tracks and MAD GUFFAWS, sure to have you, your squad, and even your mama doubled over in stitches! If you thought their podcast was a riot, think again 'cause this is gonna be a full-blown comedy headbanger.

Actual chills, guys! Expect their greatest hits performed LIVE. Imagine the uproarious laughter echoing through that legendary establishment. Right? RIGHT?

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be a FOMO victim, tickets are selling fast for the Son of A Boy Dad Podcast Concert. It's gonna be DOPE. That’s right - no Netflix, no chill. It's time for some REAL entertainment. We outta here, see you fleeking it at the concert! PEACE!

Bro, get HYPE! The Son of A Boy Dad Podcast is morphing from your fave digital ear candy into REAL LIFE. We got the deets on a megacool concert kicking off in none other than the city of dreams - NEW YORK CITY! Yes, fam, the boys are hitting the road and the Gramercy Theatre is their first stop. Lock in November 10, 2023, and get ready for one heck of a ride!

Guess what? TICKET sales kick off soon. Don't even think about ghosting on the chance to snap them up ASAP! You wanna be there, trust. The buzz surrounding the tour is LIT with fans talking about it like it's the second coming of Beyoncé. So go ahead, pull out your calendar, sharpie in that date, and prep for the best concert of your lives! Snag those tickets cause’ they’re gonna evaporate quick as a Kardashian scandal.

Your homeboys Lil Sasquatch and Rone can’t wait either. They’re ready to hit that stage and fill the room with their unique humor, wit and charm. Will there be mad laughs? Heck yeah! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see them in the flesh, their jokes landing at lightning speed, filling the iconic venue with roars of laughter. A concert? More like a freaking laughter festival, bro!

Talking about the Gramercy Theatre, it's LEGENDARY. Nestled in the heart of the Big Apple, this venue has been setting the gold standard for live performances for decades. Hosting everyone from Jay Z to Adele, it's known for its intimacy, pristine sound, and bombastic lighting. Plus, the bars are stocked with every drink your heart desires, ensuring your throat stays well-lubed for all the howling you'll be doing. It's basically the Coachella of stand-up gigs!

PSA folks: this is a NO SNOOZE ZONE! If you think you can cop this fire ticket closer to the date…you wildin’! This is a blink and miss scenario. CLOCK'S TICKIN'. You need to be on your A-game to grab 'em.

Elevate your podcast game from passive listener to LIVE AUDIENCE MEMBER and join the Boy Dad community on this epic occasion. Get set to walk into the Gramercy Theatre on November 10, future you will thank present you for this LEGENDARY gift. High fives all around!

It's time to stop the FOMO in its tracks. Secure your seats, soak up the crazy-good vibes, and get ready to laugh your socks off. TICKETS out soon, ya heard?!

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