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Hey Boomers, Grunge babies, and Gen X warriors, get ready to rock! SCENE QUEEN is about to light up the stage at the legendary Gramercy Theatre in New York on November 21, 2023. YES! They're back on their epic TOUR, giving us the nostalgia-laden riffs and soul-scorching lyrics we've been seriously missing.

Grab your TICKET, quickly guys! This is a can't-miss, gotta-see CONCERT. Expect Scene Queen to dig deep into their greatest hits with extraordinary flourish. We'll hear that heart-g ripper "Silent Scream" – you KNOW the one – it's the anthem that echoed through each of our lives like a personal tumult!

If you've ever seen Scene Queen live, you fully understand the pure ENERGY these seasoned glam-rockers bring. It's raw, it's real, and man, it's intoxicating! If you're virgin to the SQ experience, prepare for an absolute sensory onslaught that will leave you walking away, clad in your new tour merch, craving another hit.

So, roll out of your flannel-clad nostalgia pit, dust off those vintage Doc Martens, and snag one of these precious tickets before they bounce back to the (insanely high-priced) ticket scalpers. We're gonna party like the world's on fire, and trust us, this ain't no Alta Vista search this is the real eye-popping, ear-splitting Scene Queen experience. Embrace the mayhem, relish the chaos. It ain't a CONCERT, folks — it's a freakin' crazy lifestyle! SEE YOU THERE!

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, hold onto your studded belts because I've got BIG, mind-melting news. The Scene Queen herself is descending on our hallowed city space. Brace for detonation of the rock wave because it’s the Scene Queen CONCERT, no less. YAAAAS! She's on TOUR! Alert your crew, it’s all going down on November 21, 2023. And get this—the backdrop is none other than the iconic Gramercy Theatre right here in New York, New York. Goosebumps? Same.

There's nothing quite like a Scene Queen concert, that raw, punky energy swirling around like a rampaging tornado, people vibing with incredible music, the CRASH of thumping bass shaking you deep in your ribcage—you can feel all of it. You live it. And Scene Queen? She’s the hurricane in the eye of the storm, delivering heart-pounding beats and unforgettable harmonic breakdowns that have snagged her Grammy nods and accolades galore.

You know her beats. You've screamed her lyrics—now imagine doing it LIVE with a theatre full of fanatic, stomping, headbanging souls just like you. It’s a experience nothing short of ELECTRIFYING!

Got your ticket yet? Haven’t? Well, SCAMPER guys, these babies sell like hot bagels on a Sunday morning. You don’t want to miss the biggest rocking event of the year, do you?

Let's zoom in on what makes the Gramercy Theatre the PERFECT venue for this musical smackdown. Nestled in that pulsing city heart of New York, the Gramercy is legendary, famous for its incredible acoustics and an intimate, up-close vibe. Its rich history and clever blend of modern touch create an atmosphere that's simply unmatched. It's a place that respects culture, supports raw talent, and INJECTS you with a memorable concert experience like a shot of adrenaline to your system!

Gramercy Theatre doesn't just host concerts—it builds epics. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the people, the feeling, the shared experience. It’s not a concert, it’s a festival of passion, a party of emotions. So, expect an evening of raucous punky brilliance, resonating guitars and infectious rhythm flowing through every seat and aisle.

Now, let's cut to the chase, yeah? Get EXCITED! The Scene Queen awaits your sonic spirit. So, it's now or never—scramble, headbang, daydream, mosh—but most importantly, secure your PLACE for the SHOWDOWN. Grab those tickets, they’re waiting for you right HERE. A night of Punk celebrates in your honor! Banish FOMO, and say hello to a night you'll remember FOREVER. Prepare to rock, New York! You READY, SceneQueens?

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