Metallica Film Fest at Gramercy Theatre

Metallica Film Fest Tickets

Gramercy Theatre | New York City, New York

Are you ready to ROCK? It's high time we MELT your face off with the wicked sounds of ICONIC rock legends, METALLICA! Kill ‘em All and Ride the Lightning with us on August 5, 2023, at the one and ONLY Gramercy Theatre in lit New York City! Nab the golden TICKET, don’t be a left-field loser missing out on this epic CONCERT!

Metallica’s Film Fest TOUR is ready to explode, filling our veins with pure molten metal and firing off classics like ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ live. The ENERGY, the thrilling STRUM FEST, the raspy, authentic VOCALS – It’s nothing but PURE VIBES! Nothing compares to the physical high of nodding your head to the beat or air-drumming in sync with Lars Ulrich.

Witness the ANTHEMS that shaped an era, wrapped in a MULTISENSORY extravaganza. Shredding guitars, thunderous drums and pyro, OH MY! It’s more than a concert; it’s a RITES OF PASSAGE for every legit rock fan out there.

This ain’t just any gig guys, it's THE METALLICA. Better be quick, cause tickets are selling like hot cookies. Time to step out, band together and let the ceaseless rhythm of METALLICA course through your veins. Get ready for an EPIC night filled with unforgettable riffs and lyrical genius. Don't say we didn't warn ya!

Snap up your TICKET ASAP, cause this is the blockbuster TOUR of your LIFETIME! Remember folks, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS when Metallica's crankin’ high. SEE YOU IN THE PIT!

Metallica Film Fest at Gramercy Theatre

HEY, HEADBANGERS! Get ready to put your devil horns high in the air and let the raw power of METALLICA shake your soul. Cue your anticipation as we count down the days until August 5, 2023! Yes, you heard that right. The Gods of Rock are descending upon our iconic city of New York, New York to LET. IT. RIP.

MAN, we're talking the METALLICA Film Fest concert, a full-on homage to our favorite metal legends! Prepare to be blown away as they thrash through their greatest hits and cinematic spectacles at none other than the grand Gramercy Theatre. This ain't no regular concert, dude, this is a TOUR OF AGONY AND ECSTACY. A sonic journey that'll set your heart pounding, your pulse racing, your spirit soaring.

Did you catch Metallica at their last tour? It was an earth-shattering, soul-stirring, volatile adrenaline ride. Grammy winning megahits, roaring solos, larger-than-life stage presence – that's what you're signing up for baby. These lords of rock know how to PACK A PUNCH, and trust me, you won't be able to resist their call!

Now, let's rap about the Gramercy Theatre. We ain't bullshitting you, friends, this venue screams EXCLUSIVITY. It's a cool, old-school vibe, dripping with intimacy and edge. Imagine: every electrifying riff, resonating through the hallways, echoing in your chest. You and Metallica, up close and personal, in this select setting; it's an event worth its weight in tickets!

Scoring a ticket to the METALLICA Film Fest concert tour is like striking pure gold, man. Golden chances don't knock twice, so DON'T MISS OUT. DO. NOT. MISS. OUT. This is your chance to see these titans on stage, giving you the show of a lifetime.

Wake up, dudes and dudettes! This isn't a time for FOMO, it's a time for JOMO – the JOY of Missing Out on nothing Metallica. The masters of metal, a legendary venue, a city that never sleeps – it doesn't get better than this. So, embrace the ‘carpe that freaking diem’ spirit and grab those tickets NOW because SNOOZE means LOSE.

This concert, this tour, is going to hit you with all the feels! So, be there, be part of history. And remember, nothing else matters when you've got a ticket for METALLICA's Film Fest concert. BE THERE, or be square!

Metallica Film Fest at Gramercy Theatre

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