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Hey fam, brace yourselves because Leanna Firestone is coming in hawt to the ever-lit Gramercy Theatre in the Big Apple! Yea, you read it right, our fav indie queen is bringing her spectacular ROADBLAZE concert tour to the city that never sleeps on October 4, 2023. EEEEK...it's gonna be LIT!

Firestone has been killing it with her recent concerts, like, seriously, the crowd energy is off. the. chart. Now, imagine vibing to her iconic bops like "Lost in Embers" and "Wildfire Heart" LIVE, right on your doorstep. We’re talking epic lights, pulsating beats, and those spine-tingling vocals you've heard a million times on repeat...all right there IN YOUR FACE.

Buy your ticket ASAP! New York, her tour is legit FIRE and we all know tickets will vanish in a hot sec. Nobody wants those serious FOMO feels, trust. We're talking one unmissable concert experience that no doubt will have you singing your hearts out and bopping till you drop!

So, come on, squad - let's takeover Gramercy Theatre, let's hail our indie queen and let's show Leanna Firestone that New York knows how to PARTYY! Be there or be square, y’all.

It’s LIT! Commence heart racing, palms sweating, pupils dilating, 'cause LEANNA FIRESTONE, the MUSIC SAVIOR, is officially hitting the stage at the legendary Gramercy Theatre, New York City, on October 4th, 2023. Y'all gotta brace yourselves; our queen is TOURING!

Every beat is a heartbeat. Every note is a dialogue. Hear the sound! Feel the VIBE. Get ready to stitch this night into your soul. It's the FIRESTONE EXPERIENCE - where music meets magic, where legend meets the legacy - and YOU're invited.

Are you ready to be transported through soundscapes to a celestial oasis? Can you handle the sultriness of her voice, the intoxicating blend of stratospheric highs and earth-shattering lows? Leanna 's dishing out feelings, folks - so BUCKLE UP.

Treat your ears. SERVE your soul. Gorge on the musical feast she's cooking up. Hear it. SEE it. Live it.

Are you thrilled yet? Haven't we sung the songs, screamed the lyrics, cried aplenty to her soul-touching ballads? Haven't we craved to be part of the LIVE SHOW EXPERIENCE? Now we're breathing the same air in the same space, The GRAMERCY THEATRE. Let’s soak it in!

Now a moment of reverence: The Gramercy Theatre. This old lady of the concert scene has rocked the Big Apple since 1927. Birthed from dreams, fueled by passion. Not just a venue, it's a HOME to music. History, soaked in its walls. Legends, echoed in its halls. It’s witnessed the DARKEST blues, the HEAVIEST rock, the DEEPEST jazz. No one gets outta here untouched. It’s absolute, pure EXHILARATION. Perfect place to cement our love for Leanna.

What can the Gramercy offer? Intimacy and immersion, baby. Not lost in a sea of faces, but swept up in the wave of emotions. The acoustics are top-notch, the lighting is CLASS. Here, every chord hits home. Every lyric pierces hearts.

Hold up! You STILL here? What you waiting on – a TEARDROP from heaven? The moment is NOW. The tickets are HOT. Get your hands on that golden TICKET. Get ready to unravel the melodies, cradle the harmonies, drown in the rhythms. Dive deep into the ocean of Leanna’s leaden lullabies.

SHOCK your senses. FUEL your fantasies. LEAP into the vortex.

BUY THE TICKET. Take the RIDE. You’re about witness HISTORY. You can say you WERE THERE. You can say you LIVED it. And oh boy, you gonna love every moment of it! So, BUY. THE. TICKET. Now. For real.

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