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HEY DUDES AND DUDETTES! A tsunami of RADICALNESS is set to hit the Big Apple this winter. La Goony Chonga, the electric, eccentric and eclectic masterpiece herself, is stopping by Gramercy Theatre on her ENTHRALLING tour! Clear out your calendars for December 3, 2023, to embrace this INSANE party like no other.

Yes, you heard it right! This isn't just a concert, Dude! This is a UNIQUE experience filled with bass-pounding rhythms, incandescent lights, and an all-inclusive, wild, interactive jam-session that'll surely leave you breathless. Ain't nothing better than losing yourself in the music LIVE, in the heart of NYC, surrounded by fellow Chonga fans!

She’ll be ripping through her GREATEST HITS, from the infectious "DIMEN5ION" to the raw power of "Tira Tira". Imagine being soaked in that energy, when the whole crowd throws their hands up for "Mueve El Culo"! As if that weren’t enough to get you stoked, rumor has it she’s got goose-bumpy-new material on tap.

Don't play yourself - grab those TICKETS promptly! They're hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day, and destined to sell out faster than fresh churros at a street fair. Everyone and their dog will be trying to slide into this CONCERT.

Get ready for the TOUR that's gonna rock your world, people! So, bust out your best 90's throwback outfits, lace up those Chucks, and gear up for the most EPIC night of your year with La Goony Chonga! She’s gonna be delivering a jam-packed, full-throttle throwdown that’ll have all of NYC saying, "🔥YOU HAD TO BE THERE!🔥" You in?

Listen UP peeps! Something MAGICAL is coming down the pipeline, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this! RAD AF La Goony Chonga is bringing her electrifying energy to the Gramercy Theatre in the heart of New York, New York on December 3, 2023! This is not a drill. I repeat, it is NOT. A. DRILL.

We're talking THE La Goony Chonga, folks. Vibey, lit, undisputed queen of everything bold, fierce and way too extra! She's hopping off her latest strut on the tour runway and landing stage-center at one of the BIG APPLE's finest establishments. So gather your gang, get in your feels, and prep for a concert night that will SHAKE. YOUR. WORLD. This is where the party's at, yo!

BUT that ain't all! Remember, we're talking about a show that's hotter than your mama's salsa, bound to have you bobbing your heads, shaking your hips, and losing your minds. YAS, KWEENS! Cause our girl La Goony holds back nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Her shows are LITerally FIRE, and this one promises to be a total FLAMETHROWER! It’s a sensory overload. It's FEELS on steroids. In short, it's EVERYTHING!

The Gramercy Theatre ain't just any regular venue. It's New York's hidden gem, a spot notorious for unforgettable nights and faces smeared in joyous tears. It’s where legends are born, and believe you me, they don't skimp on the goodies. Classy décor, top-notch sound systems, and a history that radiates off the walls, this place is a vibe.

It's been graced by icons, it's seen legit fire shows, it holds tales that'd make a Grammy blush. Walking into the Gramercy? You're walking into legend, feeling it pulse around you, breathing in a part of MUSIC HISTORY. Phew!

Now, you can't tell me you're not quaking, quivering, basically bursting with anticipation? The LA Goony Chonga, Gramercy Theatre, MATCH MADE IN MUSIC HEAVEN! So don't just sit there. Get up, throw some glitter in the air, claim that enthusiam like a BOSS and do the dang thing!

This ain't no snooze-fest, honey, it’s TICKETS ON SALE time! Buy those babies, grab that spot, and get ready for the Concert of. Your. Life. Cue screaming! You're about to witness LA GOONY CHONGA LIVE AND IN ACTION. YASSS!

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