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Gramercy Theatre

Hey music lovers! Big news hitting the streets of NYC – Kanii is set to LIGHT UP the Gramercy Theatre stage on April 11, 2024! Imagine the beats, the energy, the VIBES!

Kanii, the soul-stirring sensation that’s been rocking our playlists, is bringing their epic sound LIVE to New York's iconic venue. This isn’t just a gig, it’s a night where melodies meet memories.

You'll feel every riff and revel in anthems like "Eclipse of Hearts" and "Harmonic Rush". When "Whispers in the Dark" echoes through the crowd, trust me, you'll get CHILLS.

This is the place where the bass drops, and time stops. The intimate Gramercy Theatre means every note feels close enough to TOUCH.

Be there. Feel the rhythm. Sing your heart out. It’s Kanii in their element, and you don’t want to miss a single beat.

Tickets? They're going like wildfire. So, don’t sleep on this - snag yours and dive into the night that'll be all the buzz. Let’s make it UNFORGETTABLE! See you there. #KaniiConcertNYC 🎶🌟

Hip hop enthusiasts who love the excitement of attending crazy gigs can attend Kanii in New York for a wild ride. Whether you come via car or motorcycle Gramercy Theatre ensures you have appropriate parking just a short distance away from the venue. The staff is nothing sort of fabulous and makes you feel comfortable immediately when you walk in. The lighting gives the stage an immediate electric atmosphere. Dance the night away to the beat and enjoy the sound surround system that clearly circulates the sound without reverberation or echoes. Unless you are not within New York, you cannot afford to miss this dope gig! Check out the ‘get tickets’ button below and buy your ticket.

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