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NYC, your VALENTINE'S DAY just got LOUDER! Now experience the eargasmic brilliance of Holding Absence live at the Gramercy Theatre, February 14, 2024. No PowerPoint presentation here, this is raw, unfiltered music. They've taken the rock world by storm with anthems like “Like a Shadow” and “Monochrome” soaring high. Now, you've got the chance to FEEL the pulse of every beat!

Witness the dramatic explosion of energy on stage, and lose yourself in the waves of power-chords that hit harder than a left hook. Their POST-HARDCORE sound and melodic catharsis, linking hands in harmony, will lead your soul on a tango. The concert experience? It's wild, piercing, full of boundless passion.

Life is full of tantalizing moments, bite this one. It's the PERFECT excuse to round up your mates for a night of pure rock 'n roll indulgence. Don't miss out on the chance to savor these MEDICINE MEN OF MELODY! GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW! This Valentine’s Day… Let’s dance with the devil.

Yell with all your might as the gurus of metal rock, Holding Absence performs at Gramercy Theatre on Wednesday 14th February 2024!

After an extended hiatus, Holding Absence is making their reappearance with a brand-new album to be showcased in their most talked-about tour. Internationally, critics and enthusiasts alike have lauded it as a ravenous lineup of radical beats.

Yet again, Holding Absence has just demonstrated they are the people’s metal icons. This winter, charged-up metalheads will draw a massive audience at Gramercy Theatre, potentially making it the highest turnout for a single performance the venue will ever witness. While numbers really do influence an aspect of their phenomenal success, they manage to be the world’s universally-applauded metal collective, given how smoothly their music goes beyond generations.

Their recent events certainly made it abundantly clear, as the sea of concertgoers painted an mixed and varied range of fans from devoted followers who’ve revered them since their formative years, to more recent listeners who’ve discovered Holding Absence through their viral appearances.

Join us for a high-octane time and let Holding Absence rock the audience at the Gramercy Theatre - a renowned venue for live music shows in New York! Get the best metal experience as this location promises cutting-edge acoustics and light equipment.

Ensure your spot now, and suit up for a metal frenzy like no other!

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