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Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast

Gramercy Theatre

Hey tribe, have you heard the latest buzz? The unapologetically fierce duo from Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast is about to blaze the stage at Gramercy Theatre in the Big Apple, and guess what? You're invited to be part of this EPIC night!

Picture this: March 16, 2024. The lights dim, curtains sweep aside, and there they are – our favorite badasses spilling tea and dropping truth bombs like there's no tomorrow. Live and unfiltered. It's the kind of raw, laugh-out-loud therapy session we LIVE for, mashed up with a concert vibe that just screams 'night to remember'.

You've streamed their chats, you've binged on their greatest hits – from juicy confessions to their most ICONIC advice sessions. Now imagine all that turned up to eleven, with the energy of the crowd fueling every moment. Pure podcast MAGIC.

So, throw on your most fabulous outfit, gather up your fellow queens and kings of real talk, and get ready for a night at Gramercy that promises more than just ear candy – it's a full-blown soul feast.

Tickets? Snatch 'em before they vanish. Trust, you'll want to say, "I was THERE"! See you in the spotlight! 🎙✨ #GoodMomsBadChoicesLive #GrabYourTicketsNow

### Concert Summary

Yo, fellow rebels with or without a cause! Let me spill the tea about the coolest event that's gonna roll into the Big Apple. We're talking about the Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast shredding the stage at Gramercy Theatre on the freaking amazing night of March 16, 2024. It's gonna be outright epic, like finding that last piece of chocolate when you thought your stash was kaput. Imagine real talk blending with beats that’ll get your heart feeling all sorts of things.

This isn't your ordinary sit-and-nod kind of gig. Expect an eruption of laughter, stories that hit you in the feels, and probably a bit of adult juice spilling as the hosts get brutally honest about motherhood, relationships, and just being your fabulous self. When Erica and Milah hit the stage, it’s not just about chit-chat; it’s a fully-fledged party where the energy is more infectious than that one nursery rhyme stuck in your kid’s head for weeks!

### About Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast

If you ain't heard about the Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast, where have you been hiding? It's Erica and Milah – two downright dazzling moms who are as unfiltered as a French press coffee and as bold as a shot of whiskey. These boss ladies have been breaking stigmas and speaking uncensored truths about motherhood and life’s messy bits that most try to sweep under the rug.

Live shows are where these beautiful messes shine brightest, sharing their triumphs and disasters as moms and everything in between. There’s a vibe in the air that’s both electric and comforting, like being at a backyard bash with your dearest friends. They’ve built a community, a safe space where audiences come as they are and leave as if they’ve been part of something bigger.

And listen, it’s not just about the emotion rush - these gals have been gracing the ears of thousands and nabbing achievements like no one's business. They’re like the rockstars of podcasting, and watching them live is an achievement for your soul. Pure authenticity that’ll leave you feeling jazzed and juiced up on good vibes.

### Gramercy Theatre Information

Gramercy Theatre? It’s the hidden gem of NYC, my friend! Smack-dab in the heart of the big city vibes, this spot has a rep for tight music acts and performances that keep you yearning for more. Think vintage charm, with a spicy modern twist. The acoustics are so damn fine, it’s like the words swim through the air and dive straight into your brain.

Gramercy's seen some legends, for real. The walls could tell tales that would make your granny blush. It's intimate; every note, every belly-aching laugh feels like it's just for you. It's a treasure chest of experiences right on 23rd Street – a place where memories aren't just made; they’re tattooed on your consciousness.

### Ticket Information

Alright, keep your chill, but here's the down-low on tickets. The box office at Gramercy’s got you...somewhat. But here’s a pro tip: snatch your tickets with Ticket Squeeze. Trust me, it's like finding a front-row parking spot on a busy Saturday. Their prices are so low, you’ll be double-checking to make sure it ain’t a typo, and the fees? So low, they make a limbo champion sweat.

Look, we all love that second-hand thrill, so if you’re eyeing those resale tickets, Ticket Squeeze is your wingman. They're all about that 'no surprises' life, just like Erica and Milah, so you know you're in good hands.

Don't wait till the tickets are scarcer than a peaceful bathroom break. Get in there, claim your space amongst the coolest crowd ever, and be ready to experience something that's more than just a night out - it's a night that’ll deck your memory halls for years to come.

C'mon, let's light up those smiles and fill up Gramercy Theatre with vibes that could rock the cosmos. Grab your tickets, let's make some bad choices and celebrate being good moms (or just awesome people) at the same time!

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