Dylan Matthew [CANCELLED] at Gramercy Theatre

Gramercy Theatre, New York, New York



Dylan Matthew [CANCELLED] at



Dylan Matthew [CANCELLED]

Gramercy Theatre

Totally RAD news, Party People! We're stoked to announce that the INCREDIBLE Dylan Matthew is bringing his electrifying tour to one of the COOLEST digs in town - Gramercy Theatre, New York. Save the date - October 11, 2023. This is no rookie play, peeps. Set in the scene-stealing ambiance of the Gramercy, you better believe it’s going to be an EPIC gathering of vibes, beats, and most importantly, music that'll blow your MIND!

Freaking out already? You should be! This ain't no chill 'Netflix and hang' night. We're talking real deal LIVE SHOW vibe here! Picture the lasers, the beats dropping, the crowd swaying to the rhythm...pure ONE HUNDRED PERCENT exhilaration!

Matthew's biggest bangers like "Effective Power". "Lost Souls"... Got your heartbeat racing yet? Make the quick move and secure your TICKET for the upcoming CONCERT. Don't dilly-dally, 'cause they'll be selling like hotcakes off a 'nana tree. This right here, is your GOLDEN TICKET to MUZAK HEAVEN.

Forget bubblegum pop or auto-tuned trash. This is a rock-solid, emotionally resonant gig that'll rewind, replay and resound in your heart. Come and be part of the TOUR of a lifetime with Dylan Matthew at the Gramercy Theatre. It's gonna be LIT AF, folks. Let's ride the WAVES together! Time to feel the rhythm of the night, Gen Xers.

Dust off your concert tees and get stoked, music lovers, cause here comes the BLOWOUT concert of the year! Dylan Matthew's tour is making its way to the iconic Gramercy Theatre in the heart of the Big Apple, New York City, on the 11th of October, 2023. You heard us alright-the concert event of a LIFETIME!

This tour is set to be SENSATIONAL. Dylan Matthew, known by many as the sonic wizard, has completely revved up his live set with unseen energy and octane. The Grammy nomination he snagged for his last album? Just the tip of the iceberg, peeps! His latest tour is set to light up your senses like never before. Electrifying is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Barely contained? Us too!

Dive into a symphony that weaves together unabashedly bold beats, poignant lyrics, and raw, unfiltered instruments. Every Dylan concert is a journey into the LIMITLESS realms of music. A feast for the spirit. Max ENTERTAINMENT, peeps!

An ocean of beats. A cascade of tunes. TICKETS? FILCH 'em before they're GONE!

Now, let's chat ‘bout Gramercy Theatre. This legendary venue practically hums with history and heritage. Bathed in Broadway’s limelight, back in the day, and now a hub of POP culture, the Gramercy Theatre is tailor-made for intimate, nail-biting, spine-tingling musical encounters.

Perfect acoustics? Check. Retro charm mixed with modern comfort? Double-check! The venue's got soul, it's got heart, it’s got that irresistible New York grit. It's the dream location to soak up Dylan's musical waves. If walls could talk, Gramercy Theatre’s got scintillating sagas to narrate!

In the city that never sleeps, here's your chance to remember why MUSIC reigns supreme. Why it stirs up the soul, shakes the senses, helps us BREATHE and BE. This is more than a concert guys, this is YOUR once in a blue moon, all stops pulled, no-holds-barred date with the extraordinary.

So, are you ready to JAM with Dylan Matthew?

Then TICKETS. TICKETS. TICKETS. Get yours NOW and be a part of the uprising. Slip into the raw, hypnotic vibes of a live show that promises to be nothing LESS than EPIC. Can you feel the crescendo building already, folks? Dylan Matthew and Gramercy Theatre are ready.

Are you?+

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