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Heads up, hardcore heroes! Record scratchin', earth quakin', noise-blastin’ masters Code Orange are RAMPAGING into the Big Apple! Oh, you heard right! Send the date in stone - September 28, 2023. Where? None other than New York's historic Gramercy Theatre, baby!

Did your heart just do a backflip? 'Cause mine did!

This ain't just another gig. No siree! This HUGE sonic showdown is part of their raved-about, non-stop, jaw-dropping tour! Y'all ready for a NIGHT of relentless RIFFS and ear-blistering BEATS? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

One thing's for sure, those tickets aren’t gonna be hanging around long. So, scrap those lame-o plans and grab your ticket now! Legendary moments GUARANTEED.

Experience a live show of a lifetime packed with greatest hits! These guys are ready to bust out face-melting classics! You ain't lived until you've heard "I Am King" cranked up to 11 in the flesh. We dare you not to headbang!

So, clear the calendar, save the date, and prep your vocal cords for a monumental screamfest! Let's create a night of pulsating, pounding, perfect chaos; a night where you can let loose and feel the rush!

This concert? It's going to be a WHIRLWIND of pure, unadulterated fun! Don't be left on the outside looking in - be there OR BE SQUARE! Get your Code Orange concert ticket TODAY!

AYOOO concert-goers! Get yourselves pumped up, we got some MASSIVE news for you! Code Orange, the Grammy-nominated HARDcore squad, is bringing their raw and absolutely KILLER sound to the legendary Gramercy Theatre in the vibrant city of New York, New York on September 28, 2023. If you've never seen them live, you're in for a major awakening! GRAB your TICKETS, this ain't your mammas CONCERT!

These rock heroes are best known for their wild energy and savage sound that will PUSH your eardrums into overdrive. A veering TOUR-de-force that sends shockwaves from mosh pit to the back row. LIVE SHOWS are not just experienced, they're survived! It's pure, unfiltered chaos, mate. An avalanche of emotion blasting from each speaker.

This ain't the group's first rodeo in the Big Apple. The Grammy-nodded beast has been tearing stages like Gramercy into shreds since the days of old, and New York City has always welcomed them with open arms. They play, we JAM! Sweet, ain't it?

Bro, if you MISS this, you're gonna be kicking yourself. It's the bucket list concert. You'll tell your grandkids about that time when you were in the heart of NYC, sweating and screaming with a room full of believers. So if you're into the kind of music that doesn't sugarcoat or hold back, grab your TICKET and enter the bedlam!

Now, 'bout Gramercy Theatre! This iconic venue is an intimate, kickass spot nestled in the heart of the city, repping a reputation for hosting some of the most DOPE shows in town. High ceilings, stellar acoustics, and historic charm - it’s got everything to elevate your concert experience. It ain't just a venue, it’s a story. You'll feel part of NYC’s rich musical history inside these walls. A hive for the ARTS!

BE THERE or be SQUARE. Don't think twice and snag those TICKETS now—because, in the infamous words of Code Orange themselves, "This is real love, this is real pain, this is real life." BRACE yourselves for a wild night of thrashing, crashing, and head-banging!

So, peeps, the QUESTION is - are YOU ready? Can YOU take the heat? Then get on board because Code Orange is READY TO FREAKING ROCK! Make some memories that will last a lifetime! Grab YOUR TICKET and be part of the history! Commit this date to memory: September 28, 2023. Code Orange live at the Gramercy Theatre. END OF STORY.

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