Almost Queen – A Tribute To Queen at Gramercy Theatre

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Almost Queen - A Tribute To Queen at



Almost Queen – A Tribute To Queen

Gramercy Theatre

All you Rock ‘n’ Roll die-hards, brace for blitz! Unleash your inner headbanger for a blast from the past! Our favorite tribute phenoms ALMOST QUEEN are hitting the hallowed heart of NYC for a face-melting concert tour stop at the famed GRAMERCY THEATRE. 12th bloody January, 2024. The DATE deserves your black sharpie circles, yeah!

These cats are head and shoulders above any tribute band that you've landed your peepers on. They have the GLAM, the GLITZ, and most importantly, they've got the SIZZLE of Queen. They’re serving up a killer LIVE show experience, packed with Queen’s greatest hits. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “We Will Rock You” – they’ve nailed ‘em all, man!

And they ain’t just cosplayers, dudes. Joe Russo is the spittin’ image of Freddie, while the rest of the crew give off vibes strong enough to make a side-ways hopping Brian May blush.

DITCH the pretenders and snag your TICKET for the real deal – ALMOST QUEEN! Kick back to some old-school ear candy for a night that promises to BE. DARN. MAGIC! Snap up your tickets before they disappear, just like yesterday's pizza. Let's show these rock gods how the Big Apple parties! Feel the electric, Bone-rattling PANDEMONIUM of the concert, Almost Queen-style! Come one, come all and LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

Hail all you Bohemians, Champions, and STOMP-Stomp-CLAP aficionados! Buckle up your star-studded belts, slick back your hairsprayed locks, lace up those platform boots – The time has come to relive the MAGICAL, ROCKIN’, downright ELECTRIFYING glory of Queen!

Scorching its path down from the ROCK heavens, Almost Queen – A Tribute To Queen is ON TOUR, LIVE and READY to ignite the iconic Gramercy Theatre in New York, New York on January 12, 2024. It's a Concert to eclipse all others, a phenomenon that'll leave you star-struck and breathless!

The THRILL of QUEEN, the passion boiling in your veins. "We Will Rock You!" they said - and boy, didn't they JUST! With every nail-biting riff, heart-stopping drum beat, and Freddie's irreplaceable voice, Queen became an unstoppable force in rock and roll history.

Imagine the sheer EUPHORIA! The KICKASS nostalgia swirling with the legendary classics, alongside an audience singing with ONE VOICE. “We Are The Champions”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Don’t Stop Me Now” - every track a fond memory on the tip of your tongue.

This just ain’t any tribute folks, Almost Queen are THE CREAM OF THE CROP! Every note, every phrase, a shattering tribute to the original. This is the closest anyone can get to relive the QUEEN universe WITHOUT a time machine. Everywhere they've EVER rocked, fans were left mesmerized, swaying in awe of the raw power. Reviews? RAVE, BABY.

In line with its reputation for hosting THE BEST IN MUSIC, the Gramercy Theatre in New York is the IDEAL stage for this spectacle. Retaining its early 20th-century charm, the place breathes history. Rockers, rappers, poets - they've all graced this venue, soaking in the applause that echoes through time. And now it presents YOU an opportunity to be a part of history with the Almost Queen concert.

This theatre doesn't just sell tickets, it sells EXPERIENCES. Comfy seats, top-notch sound systems, a stellar light show. It's not just a concert, it's a Journey. Past the stars and back, the EXHILARATING ride you'd told young-you that you'd take someday. And here it is.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to snag those tickets, join the rebellion, RAISE YOUR VOICE. You’re gonna be part of the BEST dang audience in the world, hands down. Jump on this crazy little thing called the ticket queue TODAY, and be sure to bring the love of your life to the Almost Queen - A Tribute To Queen concert – it's gonna ROCK YOU!

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